I am an associate professor at the Department of Linguistics at Ankara University. I study within the realm of theoretical linguistics and  my research interests are mainly in syntax and syntax-information structure interface. I am especially interested in theoretical aspects of parametric dimensions of Turkish such as scrambling, object shift and other free word order phenomena, wh-in-situ, and anti-subject orientation. Most of my previous research focused on topic-focus related issues and scrambling. Recently I have been studying on pro-drop phnenomena and properties of small pro particularly in Turkish. Besides my personal research, I have been a member of a project team studying on Turkish Sign Language. Currently I am on leave at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst as a visiting scholar.


flickr mozaikOutside linguistics, I am a serious lover of photography. I got the virus during my undergraduate years, which has deactivated again ten years ago. I do love taking photographs as well as looking at great ones or reading, talking or at least thinking about photography. Visit my photography page here.